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Why Should Senior Citizens Opt for Chemical-Free Beauty Products?

More than you, others notice the changes on your face. You won’t need to worry if you use chemical-free beauty products. Whether it is a new spurting pimple or greying of hair, or the crow’s feet near your eyes – your friend or spouse would notice it. This said, aging is a beautiful natural process, and you should welcome it gracefully. You may, however, wonder how to look gorgeous as your grandma in her twilight years.

These days, even people in their 30s or 40s start aging, and either has grey hair or have wrinkles and frown lines appearing. The reasons could be due to excessive stress in our lives from a very young age. Moreover, it could be due to pollution and dirt accumulating on the face. So, plenty of chemical-free beauty products in the market offer holistic and therapeutic beauty care. These are great for people of all ages, but most specifically do wonders for the aged.

Super Ingredients to Reverse Aging


When you say chemical-free beauty products, you are including everything from basic hair oil to a hair serum and shampoo or conditioner. The products have organic ingredients in them, and this makes them safe to use. If you look at the market for natural products, you will be surprised! But again, since these products are made with effective formulae and ingredients, they work superbly.

You will have to note that the beauty products made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and Apple Cider vinegar are superb. However, as per the INCI, there is a list of ingredients that you must check out behind the labels. These will help you get a better idea of what goes behind the making of your skin lotion.

What Products to Check Out?


Your cells should continue producing collagen, and the best way to ensure that is by using creams with deep enriching properties. Shea butter and Vitamin-rich products will offer these properties.

Go for moisturizing skin since dry skin can only give you a dull and aged look. Regular moisturizing of skin will only hydrate and give a glow to your face. Chemical-free beauty products in Nigeria are great for use, and with regular application, you will find visible results. These are made of gentle ingredients, and they will retain collagen and cellular growth and healing.

Many brands may claim they are using organic ingredients but maybe using chemicals and parabens, which may cause additional problems. So, check the labels and see how much of each ingredient goes into manufacturing these creams and lotions.

Also, there are certifying organizations to help you get your money’s worth of authentic products. Whether you are looking for anti-aging creams or face oils, you will get only pure organic ingredients.

Remember that if you wish to reduce the speed of aging or age gracefully, you will have to work gently on the skin. Also, these give you a better version of yourself, how you would want to see!

Where To Buy Chemical-Free Beauty Products In Nigeria

  • Piel Beauty Organics
  • Organic Life Plus
  • Ovelly Naturals
  • Hibiscus Naturals
  • Namaste Organics
  • Modara Naturals
  • RB Organics
  • Amal Botanicals
  • With Love, Keju
  • Coffee Skinpert
  • Inner Beautee
  • Natural Nigerian
  • Aweni Organics
  • Midas Naturals Beauty
  • Nubian Roots
  • Sahara Sunrise

Reducing the speed of aging to age gracefully does not only involve working gently on your skin. It also involves using skincare products from the best organic skincare brands in your locality. Let us look at some organic skincare brands, we have carefully selected some that are tested and trusted.

#1. Piel Beauty Organics

Pielbeauty organics is one organic skincare brand you can trust. Their products are 100% natural organic and we trust them to deliver nationwide.

You Can Reach Piel Beauty Organic Here

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Email: [email protected]


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