Top Hollywood Walk of Fame

Top Hollywood Walk of Fame You Didn’t Know

Everyone knows that the Hollywood walk of fame is for famous actors and TV stars. You do not know that the walk has a rich history accompanied by a few twists and turns. There are also a few important details that only keen fans ever get to notice. Here are some of the unknown facts about the Hollywood walk of fame that we thought you should know.

Facts About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

You Can Walk On All the Stars but One

You can walk on the entire 2600-plus star, but you cannot step on Mohamed Ali’s. The star came into existence when Hollywood determined that boxing was a form of live performance.

However, the star was not to be on the floor like others. Ali requested it gets installed on the Dolby Theatre’s (former Kodak Theatre) wall. According to the boxing legend, he did not want his name walked on by people who lacked respect.

Anyone Can Nominate Their Favorite Celebrity to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

One crucial factor considered to get a nomination for the wall is that you must be a celebrity. However, there is more at stake than that fame and talent. Anyone, including fans, can nominate a superstar. But the nominee must submit a letter of agreement for the respective nomination to hold water.

There is also a string of formalities in the application plus a matter of up to $40,000. When you nominate your star to the Hollywood walk of fame, you must also indicate the person’s name to sponsor the cost. The amount covers the creation, installation, and maintenance of the star. The honoree must also attend his or her star’s unveiling.

Caricatures Were Part of the Original Concept

It was not easy to come up with the final concept, coloring, and theme for the Hollywood walk of fame. Before they could settle on a star, the pioneers consider several options like the caricature of the honoree. They were to plant this along some brown and blue sidewalks.

The idea finally failed to materialize as it had so many difficulties. The colors also would clash with the building that C.E. Toberman, a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood, was constructing on Hollywood Boulevard. They finally settled on stars, which now define the wall of fame.

Two Lawsuits Delayed the Construction

 Hollywood was so excited by the upcoming construction that they decided to give the public a sneak peek on August 15, 1958. The unveiled eight stars for Joanne Woodward, Olive Borden, Ronald Colman, Edward Sedgwick, Ernest Torrence, Burt Lancaster, Preston Foster, and Louise Fazenda.

They intended to commence the construction immediately after that, but that was not to be. One group included nearby property owners who were not happy with the $1.25 million of constructing the Hollywood walk of fame, so they filed a lawsuit.

Charlie Chaplin, Jr. also wanted a sum of $400,000, claiming that his father deserved a place as an honoree. His case would later get dismissed in 1960. However, his father later got an induction into the Hollywood walk of fame in 1972.



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