Professional organic skincare lines in Nigeria

How To Select The Best Professional Organic Skin Care Lines in Nigeria?

You may have seen a sudden spurt in the number of new professional organic skincare lines in Nigeria. These are brands that feature herbs and botanicals that have been around for generations, and many even grow in your backyard. Not everyone cares for every ingredient that goes into making skincare products. But, the truth is that this causes maximum damage because some of these products contain harmful chemicals.

It is never too late to start going for organic products. They will only help in giving you a fresh look and make you feel young. If you have never used organic creams and oils so far, find out how to know the best ways to select the best professional organic skincare lines in Nigeria.

Professional Organic Skincare Lines in Nigeria


  • Look for INCI on the Label

This is the best way to know if the product you use is organic or not. If the products feature a label mentioning the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients or INCI, you can go for the same. However, also look beyond the familiar Vitamins and minerals from natural sources. Do a little bit of research about every ingredient, but you can always start from the INCI ingredients. The INCI list comprises several ingredients in a formula, and they are listed in the descending order behind every organic beauty product. This will carry the weight of that particular component, and you will need to look at the top five of the ingredients for basic understanding.

  • Other Labels

You will find many products with the Cosmebio label, which is for products that promote ethics. Also, the Ecocert label is visible in France products, and it certifies that they carry renewable and the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. These certifications are what you must also check before buying any products.

  • Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

The professional organic skincare lines in Nigeria should not carry harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colorants or fragrances, GMOs, and more. Make sure to avoid all these dangerous components.

  • Look for Safe and Active Ingredients

The professional organic skincare lines in Nigeria should have several active components for sure. These ingredients work wonders as they go deeper into the skin tissues and repair dead cells. Some of these components even go to rejuvenate and speed up the process. So, look for minerals and vitamins.

You might be aware of Vitamin E, Zinc, Vitamin C, along with botanicals and flower extracts. They fix the skin-related or hair related problems in the cellular levels. This is why you should not ignore the same and prevent the damage that free radicals may cause. If you are specifically looking for clean formulae, ensure more than 96% possess medicinal properties.

  • Organic Production Process

Another way to get the best professional organic skincare lines in Nigeria is to Look for products that specialize in using only components coming from 100% pure organic farms. They should grow in farms where they do not use any fertilizer or chemical pesticides for boosting growth. So, in this way, you contribute to the environment and look great at the same time.

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