Coconut Bath and Body Oil with Vanilla – 4.56 Oz


Enhance the beauty of your skin with our coconut oil’s powerful nourishing properties that lock in moisture to soften, smooth and beautify your skin! Suitable for all skin types.


Coconut bath and body oil with vanilla is organic, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and contains no parabens or harmful ingredients whatsoever. Perfect for your daily skincare routine. Its delicious vanilla and lime scent will provide a relaxing and spa-level experience.

Virgin coconut oil is one of the best organic oils. It is perfect for the production of soaps, creams, and other skincare products. Unlike regular coconut oil, virgin coconut oil is gotten from fresh coconut milk.

The process used in the extraction of this organic oil ensures it retains all the antioxidants, scents, and other properties.

In several parts of the world, virgin coconut oil is fast gaining relevance due to its beauty and health benefits. You will learn some of these benefits as you read on. Apart from that, you will also discover some of the latest top-quality skincare products you should get to help enhance the beauty of your skin.


Order now our coconut bath and body oil and get the Piel Beauty experience!

Packaged by Piel Beauty Organics Inc.

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