paraben-free skincare brands in Nigeria

What are Paraben-Free Skincare Brands, and Why Are They in Great Demand?

When you visit Nigeria and you’re looking for beauty products, do you also look for paraben-free skincare brands in Nigeria? If you are conscious of what to use for your daily makeup, you’ll be careful with what you apply to it. You’ll not simply pick a brand because your friend buys it and says it works great, that’s going the wrong way. Since whatever you apply is unique to your skin, you must understand the ingredients in the products before buying them. We always recommend going for organic products. Organic products ranging from the basic moisturizer to massage cream to facial or shampoo products.

Certain brands specialize in using only plant-based derivatives and extracts, thereby making the same safe to use. Unless you are allergic to any plant derivatives, it will help your skin. However, it’s best to look out for the preservatives in the product, the most common one being parabens. These tread the grey area, and hence dermatologists debate about its use in cosmetics.

How Paraben-Free Skincare Brands In Nigeria Works


These are synthetic preservatives, also known as the PHBA. They are derived from blueberries and carrots. A few popular parabens include Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, and more. Since it is naturally available on vegetables and fruits, most of our environment carry parabens. It also increases the concentration in our blood system. They are known for their ability to mimic hormones. This said, the parabens are also visible in the cancer cells, and it has properties of endocrine disruption. This has been the reason for dermatologists and health-conscious people from using paraben-free skincare brands in Nigeria only.

Do the parabens only cause cancer or even reduce sperm counts? No. Parabens are helpful as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Their characteristics have put them on a serious pedestal, which has been the reason for users to be wary of the same. A scientific review of cosmetics and cancer risks showed that there are no direct pieces of evidence to show the parabens caused cancer. But they are potent and act as estrogen is what the results show after the scientists researched the breast cancer patients.

The problem lies in the fact that parabens cause problems when you use them for a long time. They act worse when you use them for a long time and combine or react with other chemicals.

How to Stay Safe While Using Beauty Products?


Look for specific paraben-free skincare brands in Nigeria that use other alternatives as preservatives. It is true for cosmetic firms to use chemicals or go for natural preservatives. But it is nevertheless better for you to look through ingredients and ensure there are no parabens in the same.

Look for the reputed brands that specialize in organic beauty products. The reputed brands make sure they do not use parabens. However, if you compromise with the paraben-free skincare brands in Nigeria, you will realize that it is risky. Since the market has an option of safer alternatives, you may as well opt for the same. There are dangers that you should take care of, especially while using products for a long time.

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