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Where to Buy Organic Skincare Products in Nigeria

Wondering about where to buy organic skincare products in Nigeria? Wonder no more, for we have done the job for. We have compiled a full guide to lead you to the best beauty online shop in Nigeria where you can buy all your organic skincare products. We also have compiled all the information you’ll need regarding organic skincare products and why you should be feeding your skin with all things organic.

Well, if you are still having doubts about whether or not you should use organic skincare products, here are some reasons you might want to invest in that:

Why Choose Organic Skin Care Products?

Caring for your skin is an important part of maintaining your physical appearance. Your skin is your biggest organ. No one can deny that fact.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Organic Skin Care Products:

Organic Skincare products are healthy for your skin

Organic skincare products can become a very good source of good nutrients for the skin. They help you grow a good and shinier complexion. Organic skin products contain a lot of protein and other healthy compounds for this purpose. Organic skin products are indeed one of the best inventions of mankind.

However, organic skincare products’ key ingredients are acids and anti-oxidants. Antioxidants and acids are usually found in fruits and flowers. With non-organic products, you are buying processed goods that might not even contain vitamins. But with organic products, you are going for less processed content and can see the natural ingredients inside each package.

Organic Skincare Products are good for the environment

Apart from the added usefulness for the human skin, organic skincare products are very good for the environment too. These products are made from materials that do not harm the environment when disposed of. Most of the time, these products also do not exhibit harmful gases when burnt or exposed to heat.
Scientifically, Organic skincare products are devoid of polyethylene, which is harmful to water life.
Less chance of developing skin issues

Organic skincare products have a very low chance of being the cause of skin issues. They are also less likely to be hurtful to sensitive skin. Since organic products are healthy, there is a strong chance that they won’t hurt your skin as non-organic organic do. Besides that, you won’t have to live with the burden that you’re carrying toxic chemicals around.

The choice of the future

Organic skincare products will indeed be the choice of the future. There is no doubt about that. Since they are safe for the environment, there is no doubt that they will be beneficial for a greener future. However. with the world heading towards a plastic future with the complete takeover of carbon dioxide and a cancerous environment, we need a greener alternative.

Organic skincare products will prove to be one of the many constants in that new environment.
For where to buy all you 100% authentic organic skincare products online in Nigeria we recommend pielbeauty.com and I’m going to give you 5 reasons why we trust the online beauty shop.

Why We Chose Piel Beauty

Piel Beauty is a nice website to buy all kinds of products, so if you are looking to buy skincare products prom this shop here are the reasons we say ‘go ahead’, you have nothing to fear:

Dedicated mobile app

Pielbeauty.com has its own dedicated mobile phone app designed to help you buy better and easier. Their application is neatly designed with a good layout. You will have almost no issues surfing through the products. It is said that this website works great even on slow internet.
Although this is a shopping application, so you might want to check your internet bucket before beginning. Besides that, you might end up spending almost all your MBs on a shopping website!

Good customer service

Pielbeauty.com has nice customer service. They are always looking for ways to make your experience better. If you have any issues, you can just ring them up and they will help you. Therefore, the weekdays’ timings are 9 AM to 9 PM, while on weekends, the timings are from 9 AM to 11 PM.

Shipping & Delivery

Pielbeauty.com has a nice shipping and delivery service. In short, they can give you the best experience of your life. Items will get delivered to your doorstep in no more than 10 days.
But if you’re ordering an item from overseas, you can expect delays. Moreover, overseas items have to go through a lot of checking before they can enter the country.

Secure Payment

Pielbeauty.com is an SSL verified website. What this means is that the payment done on this website is entirely secure. You will have no issue trying to use your credit card here.
PielBeauty accepts a wide variety of payments.

Authentic Products

All the products sold on Piel Beauty are sold by the company itself. This can attest to the fact that the products are real. You will not suffer from the possibility that the seller is fake.
Additionally, many of the products here are verified and checked manually. You can place your order right now and wait in peace.

Save Time

You can rest easy knowing the fact that you will save a lot of time if you buy online. By placing your order online, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. You remember the suffering you might have had to partake in otherwise. Having to move through big malls just to find one tiny little thing you needed.
You can shop from home and you will seriously save a lot of time and potential money.


Since you are buying content from the website itself, and not from any local retailer, you stay risk-free. The company itself is responsible, should a fault arises in the product.
With all online companies, you can just return the product and they will have to replace it. For free.

With risk-free transactions and products, Piel Beauty is a good website to buy organic skincare products in Nigeria.
You sometimes get free shipping with your products too. Everyone loves free shipping, right?!
Some products are finally on sale, so If you have finally found out enough reasons to choose organic skincare products in Nigeria, and want to go for Piel Beauty we recommend that you do it right now.

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