Microbiome Skincare: The Latest Trend In The Beauty Industry - Updates

Microbiome Skincare: The Latest Trend In The Beauty Industry (Everything You Need To Know)

Earlier this year, beauticians predicted that Microbiome Skincare alongside other interesting trends will gain much relevance throughout the year. And they were right. As the year draws to an end, a quick search through Google console reveals a significant increase in the number of times people searched for keywords and products relating to the term.

If you are a follower of beauty trends, you would have come across Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics skin care products being reviewed on beauty and fashion magazines, blogs, and websites. On forums and social media groups, the beauty trend has become a subject of discussion for many people.

What Is Microbiome Skincare Really All About? What Is So Special About It?

If you search online for answers to that, you are certainly going to have many websites throwing up different information on it.

While many of those answers are valid, they do not really do full justice to the subject.

Put clearly, Microbiome Skincare is a beauty practice that recognizes and encourages the growth of helpful microorganisms on the skin, instead of killing them.

The practice promotes the use of bacteria-friendly skincare products over those formulated with harsh chemicals that eliminate such bacteria.

According to researchers, the human skin contains billions upon billions of bacteria, which work together to keep it healthy and beautiful. A disruption in the numbers of these human-friendly bacteria can greatly affect your skin health, as it leaves it vulnerable to inflammations and infections.

As a result of this, experts are agitating for the production of more beauty products that will support the growth of microorganisms and also empower them to work on our skin.

Experts argue that the healthier helpful microorganisms we have on our skin, the more healthier and beautiful skin we would have.

Side Effects of  Microbiome Skincare

Microbiome Skincare does not have any notable side effects, so you have nothing to worry about.

The only possible side effect is that it can lead to an overproduction of microorganisms, which can affect your skin’s PH and also cause inflammations.

What Brands Produce Microbiome Skincare Products Today?

 Several brands produce of microbiome friendly skincare products. While some of these are big brands that have gained international recognition, others are not yet very popular but have plenty of quality products.

Some even go as far as producing hair care products that help the microbiome of your hair.

A good alternative to such products is cosmetic products made with plant based oils and ingredients. Though we can not directly tag microbiome cosmetic products, we know they are far too gentle on microorganisms than their chemical counterparts.

In Summary

Microbiome Skincare is a type of skincare that promotes the growth and activities of helpful microorganisms on our skin, instead of eliminating them.

Unlike antibacterial cosmetic formulas, probiotic soaps and creams will ensure you have the kind of skin you have always desired, without “sacrificing your bacteria friends” in the process.

This helps your skin to be firmer, healthier, and retain its natural radiance in the long run.

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