Magnetic Eyelashes: Time To Toss Your Glue False Lashes Away

Magnetic Eyelashes: Time To Toss Your Glue False Lashes Away

One of the top trending products that have been rocking the beauty and cosmetic industry across the globe is magnetic eyelashes.

If you have been a user of false lashes, you would no doubt be very familiar with all the stress that comes with using glue lashes. The mess they can leave behind and the pain the glue can cause you if it ever gets into your eyes.

With magnetic eyelashes, every one of those experiences is history. The products are very much easier to use and remove and do not leave any mess behind. Little wonder most reviewers have referred to them online as the “game-changer” in the beauty industry.

Why You Should Consider Switching To Magnetic Eyelashes

Still, using the traditional glue false lashes to enhance your beauty in 2020? The following are some of the reasons you should consider a switch to using magnetic eyelashes.

  1. They Are Perfectly Safe To Use

As this type of false lashes keep gaining much attention in several parts of the world, most people have asked, “are magnetic eyelashes safe for use?”

In answer to that question, Dr. Elise Brisco of Hollywood Vision Center, Optometry, and Hemeopathy Inc. gives an emphatic “Yes“.

She then went on to explain that if you properly read the instructions on the label, do not share the magnetic eyelashes with others, and remove them when retiring to your bed, you are most likely to be safe.

Her reasons for this answer are built on the fact that magnetic eyelashes are made with non-toxic materials. For instance, Iron Oxide, which has been approved for use around the eye by FDA. With the glue gone, the chances of getting an eye infection from the use of magnetic eyelashes are almost non-existent.

  1. They Are Easy To Apply And Remove

Unlike traditional eyelashes, you don’t need to spend some time in the salon to fix or remove them. You only need your mirror and in less than 5 minutes you’re done with that.

Once applied, magnetic eyelashes can stay for up to 10 hours before you remove them. That’s almost like a full day.

  1. They Are Very Lightweight

The first thoughts that come to the mind when magnetic eyelashes are mentioned are images of big and heavy magnets being attached to the eyes somehow. However, magnetic false eyelashes are far from such images the mind projects.

In reality, they are very lightweight. Just like traditional eyelashes. You would be so comfortable with them you won’t notice their difference from the glue type in terms of weight.

  1. They Can Be Washed And Reused Numerous Times

Another great thing about magnetic eyelashes is that they can be washed and reused numerous times. Unlike traditional eyelashes that have to be discarded after they’ve been used like once or twice.

So, with magnetic eyelashes, you get the opportunity to spend less and save more money for other beauty products you may have the need.

Final Words

Recent reviews by beauty experts around the world have shown that magnetic eyelashes are far better alternatives to the traditional type. They are made using materials that do not pose any serious threat to the eyes.

Before using them, experts recommend you read through the instructions on the label to learn how to properly apply and remove them.

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