Kojic Acid: Best Kept Natural Secret To A Lighter And Glowing Skin

Kojic Acid: Best Kept Natural Secret To A Lighter And Glowing Skin

Do you have visible age spots, dark lines, and sun damage on your skin? Kojic acid is your best bet to hide and remove them in no time.

Though the sound of the name gives a different idea, you can get Kojic acid from 100% natural sources. Which includes fermented rice wine, soy sauce, and Japanese sake.

The organic chemical is one of the active ingredients used in the production of skin lightening creams, soaps, and even powder. Some companies in the food industry also use it as a natural preservative to ensure their products last longer.

How Does Kojic Acid Work On The Skin?

The primary way the organic compound, Kojic acid, works on the skin is by inhibiting the production of melanin, the natural pigment that gives coloration to our eyes, hair, and skin.

Once there is a decline in the production of the melanin on your skin as a result of using products that contain Kojic acid, your skin will be visibly lighter than the way it was.

That is the main way Kojic acid impacts our skin, helping us to achieve an evenly brighter and beautiful appearance.

How Safe Is Kojic Acid On Skin?

Though Kojic acid is a purely natural compound, it can be so powerful that it becomes harmful to our skin in a very high concentration.

That is the reason dermatologists and beauty experts recommend using the organic compound in a very low concentration.

As a matter of fact, if you are planning to buy any product (cream, soap, or powder) with Kojic acid as one of its active ingredients, do ensure that the concentration is not higher than 1%. It can be less, but not higher than that.

At that level of concentration, the chances of getting any side effects from using Kojic acid on your skin are very slim.

If not used in the right concentration, over time the organic compound can actually make your skin vulnerable to sunburn and so on.

How Long Does It Take Before The Results Become Visible?

Kojic acid is fast-acting. When combined with other ingredients in skincare products, the compound becomes even more powerful.

Regardless of the kind of skin lightening product, it is (cream, soap, etc), if you follow the application instructions on the product label religiously, it will take a maximum of 14 days before you see the results on your skin.

Apart from the mode of applying it, other factors that also determine how fast Kojic acid acts on your skin include your skin type, other ingredients you mix it with, and the level of concentration.


In Summary

For evenly brighter and glowing skin, it is one of the best natural organic compounds you can trust.

It can help you get rid of dark lines and patches on your skin, giving you a younger and beautiful look.

Before applying the organic compound or products containing it on your skin, ensure that the concentration is in line with what dermatologists recommend. That is 1% or less.

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