Jennifer Lopez's Top 7 Anti-Aging and Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Lopez’s Top 7 Anti-Aging and Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Lopez is an icon in the film and music industries. She is 51 but looks way younger than that. Her looks and shape result from strict health and beauty routines that she continues to keep with each passing day. Here are the Top 7 anti-aging and beauty secrets that Jennifer Lopez uses.

Jennifer Lopez’s Anti-Aging & Beauty Secrets

  • Meditation, Use of Mantras and Daily Affirmations
  • She Says No to Smoke and Alcohol
  • Constant Hydration
  • Enough Sleep
  • Face Cleansing Before Bed
  • Eating Clean and Healthy
  • Routine Workouts


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     1. Meditation, Use of Mantras and Daily Affirmations

Jennifer Lopez is a firm believer in meditations and mantras., which is number one among her top 7 anti-aging and beauty secrets. She believes that your body radiates beauty when you feel three things, happiness, joy, and love. J.L also believes that beauty comes from within and that the mind-body connection plays a vital role in achieving that.

While she says that Mantras and daily affirmations sound like complete bullshit, she still believes they play a significant role in realizing personal beauty. Jennifer believes that age is all in someone’s mind.

     2. She Says No to Smoke and Alcohol

The fame and money that come with being a Hollywood star make them synonymous with expensive alcoholic drinks and cigars. However, there remains a small section of them that remain disciplined and straight to their health protocols. One such star is Jennifer Lopez; she does not drink nor smoke. This kind of discipline is part of what makes her look ways younger than her age mates, this gains number two in Jennifer Lopez’s top 7 anti-aging and beauty secrets

     3. Constant Hydration

Jennifer Lopes is one celebrity who believes in beauty from within. She drinks a lot of water. She says that water is what she drinks all the time-considering that she stays away from alcohol and caffeine.

According to her trainer, the Hollywood star takes at least seven glasses of water (including lemon water) per day. This is in line with the doctor’s recommendation of eight glasses daily. Hmmm, do you see why this is number three in Jennifer Lopez’s top 7 anti-aging and beauty secrets? I know you do.

     4. Enough Sleep

It is no secret that Jennifer Lopez has a busy schedule. She acts, makes music, performs in concerts, and attends movie premieres. She is also a loving partner to slugger Alex Rodriguez and mother to Max and Emme. Even with such a crazy life and busy schedule, she still finds time for enough sleep. The actress makes sure that she gets an eight-hour sleep every day.

     5. Face Cleansing Before Bed

Sleeping alone does not keep Jennifer Lopez young and beautiful; she never skips her skincare routines. The actor and skin writer never goes to bed without undoing her make-up. She also uses her night cream to keep her face hydrated and soft.

     6. Eating Clean and Healthy

Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities that follow the dietary concepts of the celebrity nutritionist Hayley Pomroy. She takes wholesome food picked from a specific metabolism-boosting trick from this professional. Pomroy’s objective is to help his clients use food as fuel through specific techniques. His recommendations include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

     7. Routine Workouts

There is no short-cut to keeping fit. Jennifer finds fun in a workout, whether it is stair sprints, going to the gym, or doing dance cardio. She keeps a strict routine and discipline on this, and it is one way that she keeps her body in shape.

After her workout sessions, she refreshes by washing off the sweat. That way, she keeps her pores clean and her skin healthy.

You too can live the life of Jennifer Lopez and look as beautiful as she is at 51. Follow Jennifer Lopez’s top 7 anti-aging and beauty secrets and in no time you will achieve your heart’s desire.


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