Instant Tooth Whitening Powder - Does It Work, What Are Its Advantages

Instant Tooth Whitening Powder – Does It Work And What Are Its Advantages?

Who does not like a great broad smile? Well, we all do. But, yellow or cavity laden teeth may bring your self-confidence down, or you may not feel like going out with your friends with it. A few people run to dentists for teeth whitening every six months or use chemical-based teeth whiteners that may have their pros and cons. Why not give a try to a natural product like charcoal? Yes, activated charcoal has become the latest trend in the fashion world to make your teeth white and get back your lost smile. But a few people are in dilemma that does it work? So, let’s read on to know more.

Does Charcoal Work for Teeth Whitening?

Charcoal toothpaste is readily available in the market now, and most people state about its whitening power. It is a fine grain powder made from the oxidization of coconut shells, wood, and other natural material. It is said to be a highly absorbent substance and removes toxins too.

The 100% cruelty-free and organic tooth care product like Pielbeauty Instant Tooth Whitening Powder possesses similar properties. It is a natural teeth whitener with all vegan ingredients with teeth cleansing effects. There are no artificial flavors, agents, preservatives, and extracts. This 100% organic teeth whitener is great for sensitive people too. By using this, there will be no infection or inflammation of gums, no more gum diseases, gingivitis, toxins, or stains. You can enjoy a healthy and happy smile. Moreover, being infused with natural ingredients, the teeth whitener is safe to use.

Advantages of Using Charcoal Teeth Whitener

  1. The charcoal teeth whitening powder or toothpaste helps with removing the surface stains from your teeth. It absorbs toxins that are present in your mouth while you brush your teeth. Moreover, it can help with the absorption of plaque and other components that stain your teeth.


  1. If there is some staining caused after the professional cleaning, it helps clean it from your teeth. However, you must ask your dentist before opting for the same. As charcoal is a little abrasive, it is better to use charcoal toothpaste mixed with other FDA-approved residues.


  1. The use of activated charcoal and oil pulling using the coconut oil done by many people is stated to kill harmful bacteria in your mouth. It can also pull up all the foreign particles present in your teeth, making them squeaky clean. Moreover, some theories state that it removes the tartar build up in the person’s mouth.


  1. A few experts state that using charcoal as a teeth whitener helps pull out microorganisms from your teeth. The presence of Kaolinite mud will promote the healing of teeth and support teeth mineralization too. It will also ward off the dreadful stuff responsible for discoloration of the teeth.

The instant teeth whitener made of natural ingredients like charcoal and other vegan ingredients will help take care of the teeth without visiting the dentist now and then. You can even use the cruelty-free and organic teeth whitening powder from the brand Pielbeauty.


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