Hidden Hollywood Sign Facts

Hidden Hollywood Sign Facts That Marks Several Controversies

The entire existence of the Hollywood sign marks several controversies and struggles to save its life. The sign is now a logo for the world’s biggest entertainment brand with the most significant protection and maintenance budgets ever. Below are some of the interesting facts about the Hollywood sign that you didn’t know.

The Hidden Hollywood Sign Facts

Hollywood and its stars are already iconic, but the epitome of this brand is the sign in the hills. The Hollywood sign appears in countless films and TV series and is part of the brands’ actors and talented directors.

The Hollywood Sign Had No Relationship with the Film Industry

However, the sign, then with the words’ Hollywoodland’, had no relationship with the industry at inception. Its constructor Harry Chandler meant to use it as an advertisement post for his real estate empire.

He never meant to have it stay for that long because he would destroy it after one year. Instead, it stayed there till day but with a few modifications.

Modifications to the Hollywood Sign

In 1949 the authorities removed the word land. They then used the sign as an advertisement for the entire town rather than the small neighborhood. In 1976 vandals modified the words to ‘Hollyweed’ before it came back to be Hollywood.

Another modification synonymous with this sign is its illumination. Someone decided to add 4,000 twenty-watt bulbs to the 40+ feet letters to make it more visible.

 The Hollywood Sign Trust Caters For the Maintenance of the Sign

Before the mid-1990s, celebrities would hold a series of fundraisers to repair and maintain the famous sign- Someone later decided to form a Trust for its well-being. This was to uphold the significance and status of the sign. The primary purpose of the Hollywood Trust is to make sure the sign remains well maintained forever.

The California 501c non-profit organization also seeks to educate the world about the sign’s historical and cultural significance and to promote Hollywood as the epitome of the world’s entertainment industry.

The Neighborhood Wanted the Sign Remove

Hidden Hollywood Sign FactsIn mid-1940, the status of the sign began to dwindle due to low maintenance. The lousy state made the now thriving neighborhood campaign to remove the sign as it did not represent their new status. The situation even became worse when developers decided to sell the remaining 450 acres, including the portion the Hollywood sign sat on. The City of Los Angeles salvaged it and made it part of Griffith Park. That is when the authorities renovated it and removed the word land, turning it into Hollywood.

A Hollywood Actress Dived From Letter H and Died

Hidden Hollywood SignBesides going through a series of struggles itself, the sign marked the end of a struggling young actress. In 1932 Peg Entwhistle, a struggling 24-year-old actress climbed to the top of letter H and swam dived into the mountains. Entwhistle was not that famous by then and had only featured in one film, Thirteen Women. Her death from the dive would mark her most famous moment in the industry.

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