Piel Beauty Rewards Offers/Financial Incentives

We may provide incentives, such as coupons or purchase discounts, in exchange for personal information, such as your email sign-up. Additionally, we offer a loyalty program that grants various benefits, including rewards and exclusive offers. We may also run programs like sweepstakes or contests. Typically, we do not assign a monetary value to personal information. However, if legal requirements demand such valuation, we determine the value based on factors like the type of personal information collected (e.g., names, email addresses), how transferable this information is for us, the offered discounted price, the number of consumers participating in our programs, and the specific product or service to which these programs, price adjustments, or service variations apply.

Please note that disclosing this value information does not imply a waiver of our proprietary or confidential business data, including trade secrets. Furthermore, it does not constitute any representation in terms of generally accepted accounting principles or financial accounting standards.