Rihanna’s Box Braid Charms Decides Our Next Vacation Hairstyle

I do not know about you, but my next vacation hairstyle has been decided by Rihanna’s Box Braid Charms, and I’m basically running to the nearest beauty store. While I’m here drooling over her cutest vacation hairstyle,  the “Work” singer is vacationing in Barbados with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and rocking the cutest vacation hairstyle […]

Brandy Looks Like a Pink-Haired Afrofuturistic Deity, Thanks to This cotton-candy Hue

The Brandy looks like a Pink-Haired Afrofuturistic Deity in a recent Instagram post thanks to this cotton-candy hue. Brandy’s latest Instagram post on December 1 sparked a lot of excitement among her fans, that thought it was for potential new songs. Brandy appears to be an android in the picture while sporting bangs, straight pastel […]

9 Hot Celebrity Hairstyle Trends to Compliments Your Look this Holiday

We are used to seeing celebrities with “bedhead” styles splashed across celebrity weeklies when stars get caught on a Starbucks run by the paparazzi, making their way onto the red carpet. From movie premiers to award shows, and short to long hair, these playful textured looks are making big waves in the movie industry. We […]

13 Hair Serums You Need to Add to Your Hair Care Routine

It is a widespread misperception that hair serum will help make fine hair denser. Instead, it all relies on the type and quantity of scalp serum you use. While some individuals are uncertain about where and how hair serum fits into their haircare routines, others are certain that it has revolutionized the appearance of their […]