Film lovers will attest that Nollywood has some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet.  Their beauty still comes out in episodes where they work without make-up and designer clothing and accessories. It is this aspect that keeps most followers glued to the screen when their favorite stars are playing. Below are some of the top 30 most beautiful Nollywood actresses in 2021 and ever.

Most Beautiful Nollywood Actresses In 2021

  • Genevieve Nnaji
  • Stella Damasus
  • Kate Henshaw Nuttal
  • Ini Edo
  • Rita Dominic
Genevieve Nnaji is among our top 30 most beautiful Nollywood actresses in 2021. She has been a household name for years now, thanks to her gorgeous looks and impeccable acting skills. Apart from beauty and talent, this award-winning Nollywood actress is one of the industry's wealthiest personalities. She is worth more than 64 million Naira. Her beauty saw her become the face of the Lux brand. The looks also got her named the "Julia Roberts of Africa." She glued most admirers to TV screens, primarily when she acted in romantic episodes. At 41 years old, she still looks effortlessly beautiful, making most of her followers green with envy.

Stella Damasus

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Stella Damasus also made our list of the top 30 most beautiful Nollywood actresses in 2021. She joined Nollywood in 1992 with a debut role in the Movie Abused. Stella Damasus went on to play leading roles, which saw her get nominated for the best actress award. She is a real beauty from both outside and insides. From the outside, we look at how she perfectly plays wither make-up, haircuts, and hairdos. Her skin tones, smile, and curves make her astonishing in whatever outfit she chooses. From the inside, we can see boldly loud her for her philanthropic lifestyle and her eternal love for the less privileged and disadvantaged in society.

Kate Henshaw Nuttal

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Kate is another Nollywood star who ranks high in three aspects, money, talent and looks. The Cross River State actress happens to be one of the wealthiest celebrities in Nollywood with over 67 million Naira in net worth. Her impeccable talent made become the 2008 best actress in a leading role at the African Movie Academy Awards. Nuttall's gorgeous looks and fame also see her become the face of several brands, with her latest engagement being the Face of Onga.

Ini Edo

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Ini Edo is a top Nollywood actress thanks to her unrivaled talent. She has been on our screen since 2003 and has been collecting awards from both local and international scenes. Apart from acting, Edo has a fashion line in Nigeria. One thing you will notice from the first glance you have on this lady is her glowing brown skin. She also has a curvy body that makes her stunning in all types of outfits. The gorgeous beauty also portrays a down to earth personality. She is the opposite of the celebrity norm of attention-seeking.

Rita Dominic

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Rita Dominic is three things, beauty, talent, and wealth. She has a 58 Million Naira net worth and won the Best Actress award in her leading role, AMAA, back in 2012. Rita is not crazy about any designer labels and says that she steps out in whatever outfit that makes her comfortable. At her age, she still looks beautiful as ever and credits this to her eating habit, regular exercising, and regular spa schedules, no doubt, Rita Dominic deserves to be in our list of the top 30 most beautiful Nollywood actresses.

Hollywood boasts of some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet. It is like they consider this aspect before hiring.  The beauty trend in this industry is traceable back to the first generations. You will be lost if you ranked Hollywood ladies based on their looks and stunning beauty-because all of them make it to the list. Even with that, we managed to develop a list of the top 30 most beautiful Hollywood ladies in 2021.

30 Most Beautiful Hollywood Ladies.

  • Monica Bellucci
  • Katharine Ross
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Jacqueline Bisset
  • Natalie Wood
  • Sharon Stone
Coming up with this list of the top 30 most beautiful Hollywood ladies in 2021 was no easy task. Like we said earlier, it looks like Hollywood selects only the beautiful women on planet earth. However, these 30 that we tagged the top 30 most beautiful Hollywood ladies in 2021 have proven themselves beautiful inside and out, they are what we call beauty and brains. Let's see what they're made of.

#1. Monica Bellucci

If you ever watch any movie featuring celebrities without make-up, then you are in a position to tell how much make-ups hide. However, everything seems the same, whether with a natural face or make-up. Monica Bellucci‘s beauty is evident in Mel Gibson’s film, “The Passion of the Christ.” In this movie, she plays Mary Magdalene and is 100% natural, with no make-up but still has that gorgeous look. She still wears that boldface and gives us the perfect movie siren to remember. [playlist type="video" ids="10446"]

#2. Katharine Ross

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In her pick, everyone wanted to look like Katharine Ross. She had that cute smile and a gorgeous thick mane of shiny, smooth hair. With Katharine, gorgeous is a significant understatement; she was beautiful regardless of the role she played. This Hollywood beauty could act like a peasant, but her followers would still envy her beauty. In the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, we see raindrops falling on her head, but her beauty does not fade. [playlist type="video" ids="10448"]

#3. Elizabeth Taylor

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You cannot mention some of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood without mentioning the name Elizabeth Taylor. She was stunningly beautiful with a flawless face and a perfect body shape. Her violet/blue eyes and superb bone structure were arguably the most desirable items at the time. Many followers and even celebrities wanted to have her lips, nose, and hair. Even old age could never take away her beauty; only death did.

#4. Jacqueline Bisset

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This is one actress whose looks remain stunning regardless of the role she played. There is no camera angle, shot, or awkward side view that will ruin her beauty. Jacqueline Bisset is aging gracefully but still has her beauty. She is also one of the few actors who do not fancy the trend of plastic surgery to maintain their looks.  Even Jacqueline Bisset knows how beautiful she was in her youth, and she admits that she did not appreciate her good looks at the time.

#5. Natalie Wood

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Natalie had a short life but a long Hollywood acting career. She starred in many iconic films until her tragic death in 1981. At 43, Natalie Wood was still the beautiful, youthful-looking Natalie Woods. She maintained her perfect looks with consistent grooming and a uniquely fantastic hairstyle. Even today, her lovers envy how she defines being an actress with her unmatched talent and gorgeous face.

#6. Sharon Stone

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At 62, Sharon Stone is aging like fine wine. She is still scorching hot and stunningly beautiful as she was years ago. This Hollywood beauty started off strong and found her unique ways to maintain her good looks. One notable aspect that made the heartthrob of men is her facial symmetry. She credits her eternal beauty to her customized secrets, including miniaturization, strict beauty regime, and other routine practices. Sharon Stone is a sex symbol, she rose to international recognition when she starred as Catherine Tramell an erotic thriller by Verhoeven film, the Basic Instinct in 1992. [playlist type="video" ids="10447"] Next in our list of the top 30 most beautiful Hollywood ladies in 2021 is Megan Fox...ContinueReading

Hollywood is arguably the home of talented actors and film directors. Besides winning top stars, these best actors in Hollywood help define the film industry and make significant impacts on the world at large. We can name many Hollywood actors in this category, but the following fur makes our top 120 best actors in Hollywood ever.

Our 4 Best Actors In Hollywood Ever

Marlon Brando Jr.

Top 120 Best Actors in Hollywood EverMarlon Brando makes our number one in our list of the top 120 best actors in Hollywood ever. Brando was a Hollywood actor and film director who enjoyed a 60-year long career. During this time, he pioneered the Stanislavski system of acting and method acting. His expression of emotions and vulnerability when working had never been on the screens before. Brandon is also well known for influencing a cultural change 20th Century film. He gained much popularity in the '50s and got his first nomination for the Academy Awards in 1951 for playing Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. Marlon Brando starred in several other movies like On the Waterfront, Viva Zapata, and Sayonara. He managed to win the Academy Award for Best Actor twice during his illustrious career, two Golden Globes, one Emmy, and three consecutive BAFTAs. He also got several nominations for these top prizes. [playlist type="video" ids="10456"]

James Maitland Stewart

Top 120 Best Actors in Hollywood EverJames Stewart is our number two of the top 120 best actors in Hollywood ever. Stewart was a Hollywood actor and an American military general. He became famous because of his distinctive drawl and adoptive screen person during his 80-year long screen career. He had strong morality both on and off the screen, making him one of the best Hollywood actors of all time. The American Film Institute (AFI) confirmed this status by inducting him into the greatest American male actors list. James Maitland began his acting career by featuring several supporting roles before landing his big breakthrough in Frank Capra's ensemble comedy, You Can't Take It with You. The following year would mark his first year of success when he got his first of five Academy Award nominations. [playlist type="video" ids="10455"]

 Denzel Hayes Washington Jr

Best Actors in Hollywood EverDenzel Washington is one of the Hollywood actors and directors who helped refigure "the concept of classic movie stardom." He did this by associating with movie characters famous for their grace, inner strength, dignity, and humanity. He already has seventeen NAACP Image Awards, one Tony Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and two Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor).  He continues to get these awards as this year (2020) The New York Times named him the greatest actor of the 21st century. His famous roles include Steve Biko in Cry Freedom, Malcolm X in Malcolm X, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter in The Hurricane, Herman Boone in Remember the Titans, and many others. [playlist type="video" ids="10457"]

Robert Anthony De Niro

Best Actors in Hollywood EverRobert De Niro is one brilliant Hollywood actor who helped shape the industry into what we have today. He stood tall as one of the best actors ever with his intensity and brilliance whenever he graced the screens. His most famous roles were when he acted like a tough guy. Like in The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas, and Heat. He later switched to comedy and did brilliantly well in the field. Some of his comedy films include The King of Comedy and Once Upon a Time in America. Robert Anthony De Niro featured in three films (The Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, and Raging Bull). All three films are on AFI's list of the 100 greatest movies ever made. During his illustrious career, he got seven nominations to the Oscars and managed to win two. [playlist type="video" ids="10458"] Continue Reading