The Best Trending Beauty Tips to Slay as You Welcome 2021

The Best Trending Beauty Tips to Slay as You Welcome 2021

As you near 2021, you probably are concerned about the best trending beauty tips that will help you to slay in 2021. You’re not alone, we all are equally excited to welcome 2021! After what we got for a year in 2020, we surely can look forward to the New Year! The new year means a new you – a newer way to look. In the fashion and beauty circuit, if one thing hasn’t changed is the change itself. This said we could expect some cool trends to take over this 2021. Here, we discuss a few best trending beauty tips to slay and rule the beauty charts come 2021!

Brighter Eyes and Matte Lips

The nude look is just so 2018-ish now! Minimalism has been there till this year’s beginning too. You can now dump that and go for a brighter one and turn your eyes to the canvas. Now you don’t have to worry about using the brighter shades and not even blend them with other colors. So, you can ensure the focus is on the face – eyes as well as lips. Fashionistas might have scoffed at this idea if you had told them about this even a few days ago. Now, it is sure to remain a trend for some time.

Bush up the Eye Brows

Some call it the post-lockdown effect, and some call it a lazy trend. This year, we will see people going around with perked up or fluffed up brows. You can achieve this by simply using a dry mascara brush to comb up the brows.

Metallic Inner-Eye Liner

It is no surprise that we all seek to accentuate our eyes and do a lot of drama to look great. We can achieve this by using silver or golden eye shades. You may even go for using a silver ombre-shadow and white kohl under eyes to make them look bigger and get a frosty look. Yes, we have found our new love in these white kohls, and they only look cuter.

Skin Lifts and More Treatments

This year, many could not go to their regular salon treatments. It means the market will see a hike in the number of people going for skin lifts and other treatments. There are chances that this will continue next year in full swing and getting new liquid lifts, among others. You may even opt for skin brightening by using body oil from Pielbeauty.

Bigger Chunk of Highlights

2021 will see women going for a bigger patch of highlights and not just a few strands as we have seen so far. This can be great as a statement hair color and break from the regular monotone hair color.

Bob is Back

Yes, it is perhaps the most easy-to-manage haircuts, and we cannot deny the charm it has. We welcome all types of bob cuts, from asymmetrical bob haircuts to regular bobs.

Sharp Bobs and Shaved Hairstyle

On one side, you may have the bangs, and on the other side, you may opt for a shaved head. This beautifies if you go for patterned hair on the shaved part. It is only going to make you stand out of the league and set beauty statements this 2021.


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