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8 Celebrities With Beauty Brands in Nigeria That are Here to Stay

Actors, musicians, and original influencers have lent their bodies, hair, and faces to Beauty Brands in Nigeria for countless ad campaigns. These celebrities have been associated with beauty in many ways, and they still do. We hear them often announce huge deals, as well as compensated brand ambassadors.

But nowadays, these eager and ambitious celebrities are no longer satisfied with just leasing out their bodies, hair, and faces to beauty brands in Nigeria. So here we are, the 21st century, the age where celebrities now own their own beauty brands.

The last few years have witnessed our famous folks succumb to the lure of beauty entrepreneurship. There has been an unprecedented rise in skin-care, makeup, and hair-care brands founded by celebrities in Nigeria. Some celebrity beauty brands in Nigeria have come and gone, while others have shown that they are here to weather the storm and stay the course.

We know about half a dozen celebrity beauty brands in Nigeria that are still in the works, and they show no sign of slowing down.
Our list features celebrities who currently have thriving beauty brands in Nigeria, who have already succeeded in one beauty category, and are expanding into another.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness, science, and serious research that went into finding these beauty brands, we do not in any way say that the famous name on the label is a solid reason to try them. All the celebrity beauty brands in Nigeria are selected independently by our editors. Enjoy.

Stargirl Skin: By Erica Ngozi Nlewedim

Beauty is Erica Ngozi Nlewedim’s love letter. The ever-cheerful screen diva could not manage to keep the news of her skincare line under wraps in March 2021 when she announced the launch of her multimillion-naira skincare brand, Star Girl Skin with awesome inaugural products. During the launch which had famous names in the entertainment industry in attendance, Stargirl announced the official opening of the brand.

She said the brand’s mission is to unleash the star in every woman, every woman is a star and deserves a star girl’s product. The Stargirl skin was quickly endorsed by the female community and quickly sold out not long after the launch, … ‘the website crashed on the first day due to so much traffic! Thank you, guys! I can’t wait for you all to be part of the star girl beauty family’.

beautIFU ENNADA: By Iheme Faith Uloma

Iheme Faith Uloma, born in the 90s, Media personality, actress, and now a beauty entrepreneur. The beautiful actress popularly known on social media as Ifuennada launched her hair and skincare line in 2018 which debuted two products; growth oil and a leave-in conditioner for natural hair girls.

In an interview carried out by a popular media house in Nigeria, the proud naturalist said her hair product was inspired by the hair loss she suffered about two years ago. She recalled how her hair wasn’t growing and how every hair product she tried failed her. The quest to find a solution drove her into doing research and taking mini-courses online which eventually lead to her hair recipes.

The hairline has been endorsed by popular celebrities like Mercy Aigbe and by a celebrity hair blogger who goes by the name Naturally Temi. beautIFU ENNADA hair products take care of people with different hair types, relaxed and natural, textured, and so on… The brand has so far expanded to a beauty store, art salon, and beauty academy.

Moyo Lawal Plus: By Moyo Lawa

Besides acting, the Badagry-born actress Moyo Lawal has successfully gained a spot on our list of celebrity beauty brands in Nigeria. The actress who presently has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram took the internet by storm when she launched her skincare line Moyo Lawal Plus, aka ML.

Moyo Lawal Plus offers skin care items such as day and night cream, scrubs, cleansers, glow oil, and black soap. Her colleagues in the movie industry have endorsed her skin care products, including close friends, the CEO of her close friend Mimi Orjiakwe Flawless by MiMi.

Tripple glow: By Regina Chukwu

Another brand that is claiming a spot on our list of 15 celebrity beauty brands in Nigeria we are proud of is Tripple Glow. Founded in 2008 and still growing. The brand’s main objective is to bring out the best in every woman via thoroughly researched skincare products. Trippleglow claims to sell the best natural products, that guarantee a healthy skin glow that everyone will envy.
Regina Chukwu also claims that her brand understands the dangers behind products encouraging 7 days of whitening or quick fixes.

They give products that nourish and protect the skin from aging quickly. When asked what inspired Trippleglow, the film producer and director said the brand was born out of the need to provide the solution to skin problems.
The brand is still on its mission to create plenty of new organic skin care products that will work wonders. All their products are tested and trusted.

Jokelet Glow: By Joke Jigan

Her acting career began at age 21, and since then Joke Jigan has appeared in notable films in Nigeria, popularly known for her role in the film Bisola Beyonce. launched her skincare brand Jokelet Glow on her. She has starred alongside big names like Toyin Abraham, Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe, and Faithia Balogun among others. The screen diva has also ventured into another line of business, she is the founder and CEO of Jokelet Wardrobe – a clothing store, and now she owns a cosmetic brand, Jokelet Glow. Jokelet Glow prides products like whitening cream, body wash, body scrub, and spot removals among others.

Coco Skincare: by Lola ‘OJ’ Ojetola

Coco Skincare was launched in 2017 by Lola ‘OJ’ Ojetola. Lola OJ is a creative entrepreneur and media influencer. After it debuted its first product Coco Hydrating Face Cream the skincare has introduced other skincare products for different skin types and skin tones. It prides itself on products like Coco Honey Black Soap, blemish Control Soap, and Lolas Gummy Soap.

Coco Skincare has on her shelf a perfect daily moisturizer that nourishes the skin whilst maintaining the skin’s natural glow, It is a perfect moisturizer that can be used on or underneath makeup, specially formulated for those who require moistened skin in a hot climate.

Jenny’s glow: By Igbinoba Jennifer

One of the most successful and sort after skincare brands in Nigeria. Jenny’s glow was launched in 2017. The CEO revealed the brand was founded on two underlying concepts of Skincare and Beauty. Jenny’s Glow believes that though everyone is beautiful, every skin needs special attention and care. Jenny’s Glow is not just after creating skincare products, they are here to redefine beauty and pass a powerful message. Their products range from Kiddies Glow Kit, Melanin Body Wash, Dark Spot Removal Cream, Oshaprapra Lotion, and the list goes on.



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