Summer’s Eve Intimate Wash: Can I Use It Internally?

summer’s eve intimate wash is trusted by women worldwide, yours can too. summer’s eve intimate wash is a must-have that helps you achieve a unique kind of readiness for that next under-the-duvet romping. Sex, Pregnancy, childbirth, and menstruation, your vagina does all of these heavy and somewhat compulsory labor; hmmm, vagina! an important organ in […]

What are the Different Types of Acne & 3 Ways to Prevention it

As a beauty blogger, one question my readers have repeatedly asked me is what acne is, what causes acne, and what is the best treatment for acne. So, this article and others will look at what acne is and the best skin care products for acne. What is Acne? Acne appears as a skin condition […]

13 Best Press-On Nail kits you can Get for Less Than $20 on Amazon

These embellished fake nail kits in glossy and matte styles, easy to pop and remove, are sure to stun. Additionally, each option is $20 or less We observed a rise in demand for press-on nails during COVID-19 lockdowns. Fake nails are far from a novel idea or concept, we’ve witnessed fake nails (from companies like […]

Rihanna’s Box Braid Charms Decides Our Next Vacation Hairstyle

I do not know about you, but my next vacation hairstyle has been decided by Rihanna’s Box Braid Charms, and I’m basically running to the nearest beauty store. While I’m here drooling over her cutest vacation hairstyle,  the “Work” singer is vacationing in Barbados with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and rocking the cutest vacation hairstyle […]

Now You can Define Your Facial Structures with These 9 liquid contours

It will be simple to sculpt, shape, and define your facial features with these 9 ultra-blendable liquid contours, the best part is they also ensure a Chiseled Complexion. It is now a trend for celebrities to contour their faces and in recent times the trend has only gotten more popular, and we understand why. perfect […]

Instagram Is Going Crazy With Orange, Yellow, and Blue Blush Makeup look

Teenage girl washing her face

Forget the soft pink and red makeup trends — these Orange, yellow, and blue blush hues makeup are taking over right now, and Instagram is obsessed with it. Purple blushes became popular after TikTok user Rachel Rigler applied Nudestix’s Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in the eggplant shade Moodie Blu Berry to her cheeks in […]

Brandy Looks Like a Pink-Haired Afrofuturistic Deity, Thanks to This cotton-candy Hue

The Brandy looks like a Pink-Haired Afrofuturistic Deity in a recent Instagram post thanks to this cotton-candy hue. Brandy’s latest Instagram post on December 1 sparked a lot of excitement among her fans, that thought it was for potential new songs. Brandy appears to be an android in the picture while sporting bangs, straight pastel […]

13 Holiday Nail Polish Gift Sets Guaranteed to Blow Your Besties Away

Beautician with face shield and mask giving manicure to female customer at beauty salon. Female customer also wearing face mask. Coronavirus control.

Whether you or your beauty-loving besties are nail polish newbies or nail polish experts. You’ll find everything you need in one of these sets from OPI, Essie, Deborah Lippmann, and more. Perhaps more than any other kind of beauty product, nail polish sets make the ideal holiday gift. They are definitely the gift that keeps […]

Here are the 7 Best Nail Art Trends You’ll be Seeing Everywhere in 2023

Beautiful woman with curly hair

You’ll be interested to know what experts are saying about the 7 Best Nail Art Trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2023. What are you even doing if you haven’t started making plans for your first manicure of 2023? Even though the majority of people are still having their final manicures for the year or […]

Aprés Gel X Nail Extension Kit is Saving me Money on Salon Services

Now that I have the Aprés Gel X Nail Extension Kit, I can do my own soft gel extensions at home, I’ll be saving so much money on salon services. I couldn’t stop myself from gnawing my own nails, therefore fake nails are my only hope. But here’s the thing: I get tired of my […]