All Natural Face Products in Nigeria You Can Trust

All Natural Face Products in Nigeria You Can Trust

All-natural face products give you a sure way to your long-term skin health and radiance. They combine essential vitamins, botanicals, minerals, and other nutrients that restore your skin. We sampled some face products based on their potency, freshness, and purity and came up with the following as our best all-natural face products in Nigeria you can trust

Natural Face Products On Sale in Nigeria

Truth is, finding real organic natural face products is not easy. Some manufacturers do not really care what effect their products have on your skin, they are just after making money from you. The skincare products introduced in this article are the products we have used and trust.

.Boscia Rosehip Omega Face Oil
.Goodskin Organic Face Moisturizer for Women and Men
.InstaNatural’s Retinol Moisturizer Anti-Aging Night Face Cream
.MAJESTIC PURE Dead Sea Mud Mask

As the saying goes, they are tested and trusted products, produced with 100% quality organic ingredients.


Boscia Rosehip Omega Face Oil

This is one of the best all natural face products you can come across here in Nigeria. It comes with a garden party of natural ingredients that hydrate and replenish your skin. It is a sure formula for a beaming and youthful vitality. The omega face oil works wonders in all conditions, from dryness, dullness, uneven texture, fine line, and wrinkles.

The Boscia product is a 100 % plant-powered beauty breakthrough. It features botanicals like rosehip oil, rose oil, avocado oil, and black cumin seed. All these handpicked organic ingredients work together to speed up skin regeneration.


Goodskin Organic Face Moisturizer for Women and Men

First, this age-defying product works effectively in reversing the initial signs of aging. It helps you look radiant and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Goodskin Organic Face Moisturizer is one of the top All Natural Face Products for both genders.

The Goodskin non-comedogenic is a perfect product, whether you have dry, oil, combination, or sensitive skin. It features naturally hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and Shea butter. These work together to moisturize and soothe your skin.

Unlike other face creams that leave greasy patches on your skin, this product is light, non-sticky, and does not leave any traces whatsoever. The excellent skin face moisturizer is free from harsh chemicals like SLS, SLES, sulfates, dyes, or parabens.


InstaNatural’s Retinol Moisturizer Anti-Aging Night Face Cream

 This is another one of our all-time, best all-natural face products. The Moisturizer employs the dominance of green tea, Vitamin A (Retinol), and Vitamin C to provide its rich antioxidant benefits. Its signature formula makes it a top wrinkle face cream and dark spot corrector. It is also one of the best scar cream polish, giving you radiant, soft, and refreshed skin.

The cream also combines Hyaluronic Acid and Safflower Oil to provide optimum hydration and skin cell renewal support.

The gentle facial moisturizing formula is ideal for first-time retinol users. But it is also perfect enough for advanced facial skincare routines. It also works as a remedy in treating acne as it reduces uneven skin tone and blemishes to brighten the overall skin complexion.



 Majestic pure Dead Sea mud mask bears a signature formula made from the Dead Sea mud. The mud is famous for its top-quality mineral and salt composition, making it a perfect combination for radiant, healthy skin.

This product is an excellent natural face for skincare support, revitalizing facial skin, and deep pore cleansing. The excellent anti-aging skincare product works similar to Bentonite and makes a fabulous face mask.

We advise that you rub a small part of this product on the inside of your elbow to determine any signs of allergic reactions before you use it. Also, they only apply the product for external use and avoid contact with eyes. Otherwise, the product is cruelty-free.



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