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8 Beauty Secrets to Steal From Your Favorite Celebrities



Big Brother Naija: That’s where some of our favorite celebrities all started and got their stars. Iheme Faith Uloma , Cynthia Nwadiora (Cee-C), Nina ivy Miller, and even Mercy Eke all got their stars from there. The platform is famously where Hire a Woman and Devil in Agbada star Erica Nlewedim started out.

And of course, the platform is also where Bambam, the 2021 nominee for the 2021 Africa Movies Academy Awards (AMAA). got her stardom. Over the years, these celebrities and many others who started on the BBN platform have certainly changed a lot.

Under high-definition cameras and bright stage lights, these celebrities always look amazing. Leaving us wondering how they always manage to look tiara ready. We took the liberty upon us to approach some of them, and luckily for us some of them have been kind enough to spill their ageless beauty secrets. Here are 13 Beauty Secrets to Steal From Your Fav Celebrities, everything from skin, hair, and makeup, to posing and posture. Let us look at what we can learn from the 8 beauty secrets of our favorite celebrities.

Beauty Starts from Within


There is no better way to achieve beauty than improving general well-being from the inside. These celebrities believe that feeling good and looking good are inextricable concepts. When we asked them how they achieve flawless skin they all came back with the same answer: Start on the inside, be kind and genuine to yourself, exercise regularly, eat the right food, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water

Get Some More Quality Sleep.


You bring out the glow in your skin and the sparkle in your eyes when you rest more and take care of yourself. Find a balance, if for any reason you don’t work out or eat properly, make sure to balance it out the next day. You will certainly see it reflected on the outside in no time.
Quality sleep and rest are important factors for healthy skin and achieving absolute beauty. Find some favs that help you relax even when you travel for work. Cutting back on sleep time affects the way you look. While you sleep your skin goes through much of its restorative process.

Cutting back on sleep time reduces the amount of time your skin needs to repair itself. Sleep deprivation also links wrinkles or fine lines, paler skin, and more droopy corners of the mouth. It also results in redder eyes, more swollen eyes, hanging eyelids, and darker circles.

Emotional Wellbeing Reflects on the Skin


Sleep and stress reduction are absolutely the most important factors in achieving beauty. When stressed, hormones that usually help to detoxify, repair, and produce collagen on the skin are diverted. This negative reaction results in slow wound healing, looking suddenly fatigued, breakouts, dullness, and dehydration.

Your skin shines at the brightest When you are peaceful, happy, and balanced. When you are happy and de-stressed the body pumps out all of the happy skin functions that operate like magic below the skin surface to produce shine and brightness.

Reset Your Skin Every New Season


Your fav celebs recommend getting a facial whenever the season changes, this will help your skin reset for the different weather. As your skin adjusts to the heat and dusty weather during the harmattan it will experience fewer breakouts and blotchiness. It will also adjust during the cold and rainy seasons when it goes through the same process.

Swing a Full Manicure


Pick up a box of the DIY acrylic nail from Jumia or any other online. Give your nails a treat with a fresh gel manicure, it actually cost way much lesser than you think.

Disguise Under-Eye Circles


Use a lighter shade of concealer to conceal under-eye circles if you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Apply a high-definition or reflection powder on your under-eye circles.

Brightens up Eye Area With Peppermint Tea


Peppermint Tea is one of your fav celebs’ beauty secrets to looking refreshed. Always have peppermint Tea bags on hand, it helps brighten the eye area and clear under-eye circles. Dampen two bags of Peppermint Tea and relax with them under your eyes for 10 minutes each day, it’s the secret to doing away with under-eye circles.

Use the Right Makeup Remover


Your fav celebs rave that using coconut oil as a makeup remover and wiping it off with baby wipes leaves your skin extra soft and moist, and it’s less expensive. Coconut oil is an unparalleled makeup remover and recommends massaging it dry with no water all over your face, and all over your closed eyes. Here you have it, We hope you apply these beauty secrets and achieve beauty inside and out.

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