Here are the 7 Best Nail Art Trends You’ll be Seeing Everywhere in 2023

Beautiful woman with curly hair

You’ll be interested to know what experts are saying about the 7 Best Nail Art Trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2023. What are you even doing if you haven’t started making plans for your first manicure of 2023? Even though the majority of people are still having their final manicures for the year or […]

Aprés Gel X Nail Extension Kit is Saving me Money on Salon Services

Now that I have the Aprés Gel X Nail Extension Kit, I can do my own soft gel extensions at home, I’ll be saving so much money on salon services. I couldn’t stop myself from gnawing my own nails, therefore fake nails are my only hope. But here’s the thing: I get tired of my […]