16 Natural Skincare Brands In Nigeria

16 Natural Skincare Brands In Nigeria You Can Trust In 2021

My resolution for this year is to have on my shelf products from the best 16 natural skincare brands in Nigeria in 2021. I encourage you also my dearest readers to include this in your plans for this year and many more years to come. It is not easy to find natural skincare brands in Nigeria that can be trusted.

The cosmetic market floods with different kinds of beauty solutions. The explosion is because people identify skincare products as a way of enhancing their look and taking care of their skins. While some manufacturers have consumer interest at heart, some are out to make profits out of low-quality products. Below are some of the 16 natural skincare brands in Nigeria you need to try in 2021

Natural Skincare Brands In Nigeria

  • Piel Beauty Organics
  • Organic Life Plus
  • Ovelly Naturals
  • Hibiscus Naturals
  • Namaste Organics
  • Modara Naturals
  • RB Organics
  • Amal Botanicals
  • With Love, Keju
  • Coffee Skinpert
  • Inner Beautee
  • Natural Nigerian
  • Aweni Organics
  • Midas Naturals Beauty
  • Nubian Roots
  • Sahara Sunrise

Natural skincare brands in Nigeria are brands that formulate and sell organic skincare products. These skincare products are formulated with organic ingredients, no harmful chemicals. Let us look at some of them, 16 natural skincare brands in Nigeria you can try in 2021

#1. Piel Beauty Organics

16 Natural Skincare Brands In NigeriaPielbeauty organics is one organic skincare brand you can trust. Their products are 100% natural organic and we trust them to deliver nationwide. A brand focused not only on providing both old and young Nigerians the best natural skincare but also acts as an inside guilde to achieving healthy skin. They have products for natural treatments for all skin conditions. Products infused with hand-pressed virgin coconut oil, pure natural tamanu oil.

How to Reach Piel Beauty Organics 

Phone: +2347000062855

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.pielbeauty.com

Instagram: @pielbeautystores | Facebook: @pielbeautystores

#2. Organic Life Plus

16 natural skincare brands in NigeriaTrust me, I’m justified to say that Organic Life Plus is a pioneer of organic skincare products in Nigeria. Over the years their skincare products have helped a lot of Nigerian ladies to achieve skin health and beauty. They also deliver nationwide.

You can reach Organic Life Plus by phone via +2348093807493, their Email is [email protected] You can check them out on their website, just visit
www.beautifullynappy.com, www.organiclifeplusng.com. Instagram: @organiclifeplus, @beautifullynapy

#3. Ovelly Naturals

Ovelly NaturalsOvelly naturals is a Nigerian skincare brand. All their products are formulated and packaged here in Lagos Nigeria. The brand is born out of the passion to assist fellow Nigerians, particularly women to achieve flawless skin. Contact the brand via Email: [email protected], Phone: 08135559447

#4. Hibiscus Naturals

Hibiscus NaturalsBegan with the desire to bring back to Nigerians the faith in the healing properties of nature. This desire gave birth to the use of natural ingredients we find in all of Hibiscus skincare products. The brand is the proud owner of organic products like Ayurveda & Nature handmade beauty products for skin, hair, bath, and facial care. Visit the website hibiskusnaturals.com Email: [email protected], phone: 09070723780

#5. Namaste Organics

Namaste OrganicsNamaste Organics are the proud producers of authentic skin care products like Shea body butter, African black soaps, oils, scrubs, Aloe Vera. They also have on their shelf other natural organic body polish. This awesome body polish protects and restores the skin’s health.
Contact this brand via +2348053532923, Email: [email protected], website www.mynamasteorganics.com, Instagram: @namasteorganics

#6. Modara Naturals

Modara NaturalsModara naturals are trusted for their use of the best quality organic ingredients in the production of natural bath, body, and skin products, for all Nigerians. All products of Modara naturals are hands crafted, and this helps them maintain high quality. Their phone number is +2349099944778, Email: [email protected] Website: www.modaranaturals.com , Instagram: @modaranaturals

#7. RB Organics

RB OrganicsRB Organics has products for both male and female, old and young. Like other natural organic brands, all their products are free paraben-free and contain no harmful chemicals. You can use their products morning and night, you have nothing to worry about. You can reach them on Instagram @Rborganics, or Visit: https://rbshop.com.ng/ | Call: +2349054983206, Email: [email protected]

#8. Amal Botanicals

Amal BotanicalsAmal Botanicals Nigerian based natural organic skincare brand focused on providing healthy skincare solutions to protect the delicate skins of children. Thousands of moms use and love the brand. The products are very efficient and easy to use, designed to protect the sensitive skins of young Nigerians. Catch them on Instagram @amalbotanicals or visit their website https://amalbotanicalsbabycare.com/ | Phone: +2348186837407, Email: [email protected]

#9. With Love, Keju

With Love, KejuWith Love, Keju is the champion of anti-aging beauty products. Nigerian women are in love with this brand, the products slow down the aging process and help women maintain a healthy youthful glow. All their products are infused with collagen properties and other locally sourced organic ingredients that promote healthy skin. You can catch this brand on Instagram via @withlovekeju, website: https://withlovekeju.com/, Phone: +2349031234486, Email: [email protected]

#10. Coffee Skinpert

Coffee SkinpertCoffee Skinpert opened our eyes to the anti-aging benefits of coffee. We didn’t know that applying coffee to the skin slows down aging until this brand introduced the coffee-infused skincare products. They have awesome products, infused with coffee and other high-quality organic ingredients which creates perfect and Eco-friendly skincare. You can reach them via Phone: +2347016527067, Email: [email protected]
and Instagram:@coffeeskinpert

#11. Inner Beauty

Inner BeautyInner Beautee believes that every Nigerian should “feel good, look good”, no wonder that statement is in their ethos. They are living up to that statement, providing all Nigerian clients with products to enhance beauty inside-out. All ingredients are sourced locally, purely organic, paraben-free, and packaged in recycling materials. They also have baby-friendly products suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. Website: www.innerbeautee.com, Instagram: @innerbeautee1, Phone: +2348078770777, Email: [email protected]

#12.  Natural Nigerian

Natural NigerianNatural Nigerian, as the name implies is founded by a Nigerian woman, motivated by her love for heritage and nature. The brand makes most of everything for skincare, soaps, body creams, and lotions. When in need of a trusted handmade product in Nigeria, Natural Nigeria is the brand you need.Meet them at www.naturalnigerian.com, Instagram: @naturalnigerian, Phone: +2349092132141, Email: [email protected]

#13. Aweni Organics

Aweni OrganicsFor all kinds of Soothing Balms and Moisturising Oil Blends, luxury soaps and body butter Aweni Organics comes among the best. Products made with carefully selected first grade Nourishing Oils and Botanical Extracts. All ingredients are indigenous, purely Nigerian, and African. Products are carefully packaged to ensure you get that African feel and experience.Call them: +234818118309, Email: [email protected], Website: www.aweniorganics.com

#14. Midas Naturals Beauty

16 Natural Skincare Brands In NigeriaMidas Naturals Beauty is that brand that serves as a guild to beauty tips and insights to achieving optimized health via nutrition. Besides providing you the best organic skincare they also guide you to achieve beauty inside-out through beauty tips and insights provided via well-researched articles every week. Call Midas: +2348164400004,
Email: [email protected], Website: www.midasnaturalsmag.com, Instagram: @midasnaturalsbeauty

#15. Nubian Roots

16 Natural Skincare Brands In NigeriaNubian Roots formulates magical natural skincare good enough to sustain your skin and hair. Spa quality products with no harmful chemicals, paraben-free, and no petrolatum or fillers. All their products are natural skincare, 95% organic.Visit their website: www.mynubianroots.com, Instagram: @mynubianroots, Phone: +2348173481117, Email: [email protected]

#16. Sahara Sunrise

16 Natural Skincare Brands In NigeriaSahara Sunrise is a passionate natural skincare brand that believes that beauty starts from the inside. They believe that your skin reflects what you eat and that the best way to give your skin what it really needs is to go organic. You should try their Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, it’s one of the best skincare selling in the Nigerian market. Sahara products rehydrate, restore, and repair the skin.Visit the website: www.saharasunrise.com.ng, Instagram: @saharasunrise, Call: +2348036671008,
Email: [email protected]

Other  Natural Skin Care Brands In Nigeria

  • 100% PURE



Natural Skin Care BrandsThe Osea brand makes our first among the top 10 natural skincare brands in 2021. It is now over two decades old but still has the same authenticity in its products. They are a famous brand on how they stay true to their commitment to producing non-toxic skincare products for all these years.

Osea demonstrated its leadership and commitment to the course by being the first brand to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics pledge. This move saw it cement its place amongst the top natural skincare brands in the world.

The brand is 100 percent plant-based, vegan, and provides cruelty-free cosmetic products. They use responsibly sourced seaweeds as their primary ingredients in almost all their products. They blend this with other organic plant extracts to develop safe, effective, and nourishing natural skincare products.

Some of their products include Vitamin Sea Serum, Ocean Cleanser, and Hyaluronic Sea Serum.

100% PURE

Natural Skin Care BrandsFrom their name alone, you can tell their level of dedication, no wonder they are proudly our number two of the top 10 natural skincare brands in 2021. The brand dedicates its operations to producing 100 percent healthy natural skincare products. They ensure that every item they release to the markets is free from artificial additives, synthetic, and other toxic substances.

The brand sources its raw materials, including fragrances and colors from real natural plants. The brand is USDA certified, making a safe and proven manufacturer of all you want for your skin.

100% PURE has an excellent assortment of natural products for all types of skins. It puts it up there as one of the top natural skincare brands in the world. Whether you have acne-prone, dull, aging, oily skin, you will get something for yourself.  Some of their renowned products include Organic Argan Oil, Organic Cucumber Juice Renewal Serum, and kiwi & Pineapple Brightening Cleanser.


Natural Skin Care BrandsAmala is a global powerhouse when you consider top natural skincare brands today. It is one of the best-kept secrets of the world’s five-star spas and boutiques.

The brand is one of the few cosmetic manufacturers with third-party clinical trials on every one of their products. It empowers you to pick the purest, most potent skincare, and self-care products.

With such dedication to product safety and potency, Amala products dominate cosmetic stores the world over. Their signature primary ingredients include skin-adaptive pre+probiotic blend, hyaluronic acid, real 24k gold, and vitamin C.

These exclusive ingredients make all-natural skincare products that blend and self-adjust to your skin. They optimize the skin’s youthful firmness, clarity, and smooth tone.


la bella figuraWe guarantee you that every La Bella Figura product you try will instantly become one of your favorites. It is one of the natural skincare brands dedicated to producing natural, non-toxic products while maintaining the exclusive touch of luxury.

They make all their products with all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. Moreover, they do not use any artificial additives, color, or parabens in their product line. La Bella Figura combines modern science and old world alchemy to create their exclusive signature formulas.


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